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BOOK REVIEW: A Court Of Wings and Ruin - Sarah J. Maas

This book had my emotions all over the place! Going into it I managed to avoid all spoilers but I did know that people either loved it or were a bit disappointed with it, so, due to it being one of my favourite series, I was a bit apprehensive at the start!

(Minor Spoilers Ahead)

Being the final book in a trilogy there were a lot of loose ends that needed tying up, and some that hadn’t even been considered until this book started! ACOWAR starts off right where A Court of Mist and Fury finishes, with Feyre back in the Spring Court. I felt like the first 100 pages or so were a bit rushed like Maas needed to give us this information to set up the proper plot for the rest of the novel but I was a little bored with it. I felt like the real action didn’t start until She escaped and was battling Eris and his brothers on the ice.

Let’s just talk about that scene for a minute, the fight between Feyre and Eris is pretty cool and tense in itself, but when Cassian and Azriel enter for the first time……. It just took it to a whole new level! And I don’t know if it’s going to happen, but that scene where they arrive, I could totally see being an epic movie sequence! I don’t know what it was about it because up until that point I thought that the first and second books, (and even the rest of the third if I’m being honest!) wouldn’t translate well into the film, but just that one scene screamed movie scene to me!

I think my favourite character in this book, by far, is Nesta, with Cassian coming a close second! I just think that she had the best development throughout all three novels. In this one, in particular, you got to see a glimpse of the girl behind the fa├žade, the girl who would do anything to protect her sisters, but also has a soft spot for a select few. The beginning of the first book, she is just seen as a typical selfish, ‘evil step-sister’ archetype, but by the end of the third book, Maas has developed her into a complex character with a multitude of layers to her personality. My favourite quote of hers, and possibly from the book, is;

"‘Cassian extended a wrapped hand, his fingers curling in a come-hither motion. “Scared?”
I wisely kept my mouth shut as Nesta stepped from the open doorway into the blinding light of the courtyard. “Why should I be scared of an oversized bat who likes to throw temper tantrums?”’

I think this quote just sums up both Nesta and Cassian, as well as the relationship the two have, perfectly! The two balance each other out, Cassian forever cracking a joke whilst Nesta bites back with snarky comments. It’s like a match made in heaven!

There were a couple of things that I was disappointed with in this book though! For starters, I felt like the Ouroboros was made a big deal out of when it was first mentioned, and then when Feyre finally went to face it and retrieve it, it was just completely glazed over! It just all seemed a bit too easy for my liking, for something that supposedly turned everyone who looked into it mad and broke their soul. I also felt as though the whole final battle was a bit rushed and there wasn’t much depth to it, it seemed to follow the pattern of, this happened, then that happened, then this happened. I was expecting the majority of this book to be the final battle when in truth it was only the last quarter or so! I felt a bit let down by that and thought that it should have played a bigger part in the whole scheme of things.

I also think that Lucien should have been the one to find Vassa, after all, that is what he set out to do! I think it would have allowed him to redeem himself for siding with Tamlin and just allowing him to treat Feyre as though she was a possession and was able to be controlled rather than an actual human being. It just didn’t sit right with me that it was her father who turned out to be the hero when he was only a minor character in the whole trilogy!

Overall, I did really enjoy this book, just not as much as I enjoyed ACOMAF. That was just such a massive step up from the first one and I think that ACOWAR fell just a little short of my expectations. I am excited about the spin off books coming in the next few years and am hoping for Mor, Cassian, Azriel, Amren and Lucien to have their own books. Maas touched on the back story for each of these in ACOWAR but there is the potential for so much more of their stories to be told!

Rating: 4 out of 5

If you’ve read A Court of Wings and Ruin let me know your thoughts on it!

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